The Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan:

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Event August 17th, 2019

The majority of The Plan was acceptable pending minor revisions of wordings; there are three policies under review before The Plan can proceed to referendum: SNP 14 Bradville North, SNP 16 Community Hubs, and SNP 17 Stantonbury Campus.

Before progressing The Plan to Independent Examination, we want to seek the views and opinions of residents through a further limited consultation. The previous work and consultations will still be valid.

Come talk to us on Saturday August 17th, 10am -12 noon at Stantonbury Parish Council Offices 126 Kingsfold, Bradville, MK13 7DX or you can submit your thoughts via this form:

Below are the revised policies for consideration and a copy of the letters delivered to the residents detailing the Neighbourhood Plan policy changes.




Letters to Public July 2019

Examination March 2019

Following the publicity period on the submitted Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan, Milton Keynes Council has appointed Nigel McGurk  to conduct an examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The examiner’s main role is to ensure that the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and is able to proceed to referendum.

More information regarding the Examination can be found here:

Stantonbury Examiner’s Report Final June 19_

MKC response to Examiner’s initial report

Submission Plan

The final version of the Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Milton Keynes Council, which ends the phase of development for Stantonbury Parish Council.

Milton Keynes Council have formally publish the Plan, all parishioners now have the opportunity for a period of 6 weeks to comment on the Plan. Please see below correspondence from Milton Keynes Council.

Neighbourhood Plan – Submission and Publication

The final Plan and submission documents can be found here :

Addendum A Local Green Space Designation Assessments

Addendum B. Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan Policy Map

SNP Basic Conditions Statement December 2018

SNP Consultation Statement Appendices

SNP Consultation Statement December 2018

Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031 Submission Plan


2nd Draft Plan

The consultation on the 2nd Draft Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan, including the further consultation on Oakridge Park has now closed.

To view the comments and responses please click the link below:

2nd Draft Plan Consultation Responses

To view the Plan please click the link below:

Stantonbury 2nd Draft Neighbourhood Plan June 18

Please send all comments by email to

1st Draft Plan

Thank you all who responded to the 1st Draft Plan Consultation, the comments and responses can now be viewed:

Final Pre submission consultation response document

SPC Neighbourhood Plan-Draft Plan Feb 18

Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results

Neighbourhood Plan Stage 2 Survey Results

Neighbourhood Plan Stage 1 Results

Guide to the Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Stakeholder Consultation 

Throughout the development of the Plan a number of meetings were held with local stakeholders including landowners, schools and local community groups. Notes of all meetings can be found here

City Groups and organisation

Mtg 14.12.17 B. Hall Committee 1

Mtg notes 6.12.17 Marshall Athletics 1

Mtg 15.12.17 with Mathiesen Centre Trust 1

Meeting notes 23.11.17 1

Meeting with Bancroft Meeting Place Committee Representatives 6.12.17 1

New Bradwell Sports Asso. Meeting 1.11.17 1


Meeting Griffin Trust 29.11.17 1

Meeting MKDP 5.12.18 1

Meeting 6th November 2017 1

Meeting with Taylor Wimpey 19.3.18-2 1

Mtg 29.8.18 YourMK 1

Meeting Stanton School Student Council Friday 24th March 2017

Meeting with Sainsbury 22.1.18 1

Steering Group Minutes

Terms of reference Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

N/Plan notes 18 Jan 2016

N/Plan notes 7 march 2016

N/Plan notes 4 April 2016

N/Plan notes 19 May 2016

N/Plan notes 17 October 2016

N/Plan notes 12 December 2016

N/Plan notes 27 March 2017

N/Plan Workshop 22nd May 2017

N/Plan notes 12 July 2017

N/Plan notes 16 Oct 2017

N/Plan notes 20 Nov 2017

N/Plan notes 19 Dec 2017

NPSGM 6.2.18 Minutes

NPSGM 8.5.18 Minutes

NPSGM 12.6.18 Minutes

NPSGM 21.8.18 Minutes

NPSGM 8.10.18 Minutes

Workshop assessment of issues document


Neighbourhood Plan Committee Minutes

1-2017-2018 NPM 25 January 2017

2-2017-2018 NPM 15 March 2017

3. 2017-2018 NPM 28 June 2017

4. 2017-2018 NPM 15 August 2017

2-2017-2018 NPM 23.08.17

3-2017-2018 NPM 18 September 2017

4-2017-2018 NPM 9 October 2017

5-2017-2018 NPM 6th November 2017

6-2017-2018 NPM 4th December 2017

8 2017-2018 NPA 8th Jan 2018

9-2017-2018 NPM 29th January 2017

NPC 8.1.18 Minutes

NPC 29.1.18 Minutes

NPC 26.2.18 Minutes

Note: Meeting scheduled for 9th April 2018 was cancelled

NPC 30.4.18 Minutes

NPC 2.7.18 Minutes

NPC 20.8.18 Minutes

 NPC 24.9.18 Minutes

NPC 22.10.18 Minutes  

NPC 19.11.18 Minutes

Neighbourhood Plan Vision

Vision & Objectives document


A projected timetable for the Neighbourhood Plan process is here.

Other Neighbourhood Plans

For more information on neighbourhood planning and what it means for residents, please see some of the other neighbourhood plans which have been produced or are being produced in the local area: