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The office will be closed from Thursday 5th November due to the new Government restrictions, we are still here to help if you need us, please feel free to phone us on 01908 227201 or email

Parish update through the Coronavirus Pandemic, Please click on link below to see update on our meetings, agenda, minutes, update on Parish news.

Update The Statutory requirement for our Annual General Meeting has been suspended until May 2021 in compliance with  notification from The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, which came into effect on 4th April 2020.

All future Council meetings will be held remotely until notified otherwise.

Serving the Community

Stantonbury Parish Council is built on the foundations of supportive and dedicated councillors, our valuable office team, and YOU, the members of our parish. Together, we work to help our community and make our Parish a safe, fun, and great place to live.

This website is aimed at keeping our residents up to date and informed about what we, the Parish Council, do and what’s happening around our Parish in general. If there is something you can’t find or would like to see on our website, please feel free to let us know.

Parking Proposal

Parking Proposal Consultation

Our Parking Proposal Consultation is now closed for comments. The proposal comes as a result of concerns over road safety caused by inconsiderate parking. It will alleviate obstruction and nuisance parking and help to create a safer environment for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists throughout. For more information, please see here.

Community-Led Regeneration and Estate Renewal Strategy

Regeneration is now referred to as Community Led Regeneration and Estate Renewal Strategy. This strategy involves the whole of Milton Keynes, please see below copies of Plan from Milton Keynes Council.

Community Led Regeneration and Estate Renewal Strategy – Milton Keynes Council (

RegenerationMK 2030 Strategy FINAL (2)

Neighbourhood PlanNeighbourhood Plan Update

Government update on current planning guidance in relation to neighbourhood plans

MHCLG understands that the postponement of referendums will be frustrating for communities that have dedicated significant time and effort to the neighbourhood planning process and naturally want their plans to come into force as soon as possible. With this in mind, they have updated current planning guidance to set out that neighbourhood plans awaiting referendums can be given significant weight in decision-making.–2#covid-19

Who we are

Stantonbury Parish Council is comprised of the Councillors and the Parish Staff. Together, we represent the interests of our Parish residents in Bancroft, Bancroft Park, Blue Bridge, Bradville, Linford Wood, Oakridge Park, and Stantonbury.

To meet your Councillors and read a little about them, please see this page. Information about the Parish Staff who run the office can be found here. To see who is representing you on Milton Keynes Council, please see here.

Parish Guardians

Parish Guardians

Parish Guardians are residents in our community who care, get involved with community events, and make our environment better. They help to be our eyes and ears by reporting issues spotted whilst out in the Parish, run community litter picks twice a month to keep our environment clean, and monitor speeds with hand-held speed-cameras and Sentinel to keep our streets safe.

If you’re interested in becoming a Guardian, please fill out this form online or contact the office.

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