Have Your Say

Have Your Say

Stantonbury Parish Council and other organisations, such as Milton Keynes City Council, may invite residents to contribute to public consultations from time to time. Residents can usually make their contributions either by completing an online form, sending an email direct to the organisation involved, or by phone in some instances. Below is a list of public consultations which are currently open for contributions. For more information on each consultation, please visit the website linked to the consultation’s name.

Details on consultations for planning applications can be found on our Planning Information page.


Consultation Name

Survey Link

Closing Date

MK City Council

Alcohol PSPO Respond


Buckinghamshire Council

Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS) Respond


Local Government Boundary Commission for England MK Electoral Ward Boundary Review Respond


Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner

Local Crime Survey Respond


NHS East of England and Marie Curie

Are you or is someone close to you living with a terminal illness? Respond

Not known


If you know of a public consultation that is not listed above, please let Stantonbury Parish Council know either by phone on 01908 227201 or by email at info@stantonburyparishcouncil.org.uk.