Grit Bins

Grit Bins

There are over 400 salt (grit) bins (yellow or grey) located at various points across Milton Keynes, some of which are in our Parish. The yellow or grey salt bins are owned by Milton Keynes City Council and the salt they contain may be used to prevent ice and snow forming on small areas of the road or pathways.

Salt (grit) is not provided for use on private driveways or private pathways. It may only be used on public footways and roads.

Be sparing with any application of salt. When correctly applied, one tablespoon of salt is enough to cover a metre square of surface.

You can check where your nearest grit bin is using the interactive My MK Mapping tool on the Milton Keynes City Council’s website. Check the box on the left called ‘Winter Maintenance’. Any grit bin locations will be shown on the map with a G in a yellow box.

Each year MKCC inspect these grit bins and top up the rock salt. If there are any damaged ones these will be removed. As MKCC don’t have the budget for new grit bins, they will not replace any damaged grit bins that they remove or install any new ones.

Green salt (grit) bins in Milton Keynes are owned by Parish Councils.

Currently, Stantonbury Parish Council do not own any salt (grit) bins within its Parish (Bancroft, Bancroft Park, Blue Bridge, Bradville, Linford Wood, Oakridge Park, and Stantonbury).

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