Stantonbury & Linford Wood

Stantonbury & Linford Wood


Stantonbury is a large estate in the north of Milton Keynes, home to no fewer than four schools (Stantonbury International School, the Webber Independent School, Wood End First School, and Stephenson Academy).

Linford Wood on the other hand is a largely industrial district built around the wood itself, one of Milton Keynes’ several areas of natural woodland.

Community Features

  • There is a skatepark and playpark behind Woodend First School on Redbridge Road
  • There is another playpark in Cawarden Park
  • See here for more information about local groups and communities

Rubbish Collection Day

Stantonbury: Black and green wheelie bins are collected every Monday.

Red wheelie bins (or sacks) are collected every other Monday (alternating with blue wheelie bins every 2 weeks)

Blue wheelie bins (or sacks) are collected every other Monday (alternating with red wheelie bins every 2 weeks)

Collection Calendar 2023 – 2024 | Milton Keynes City Council

Linford Wood: Refuse collected by Biffa.

Location of Notice Boards

The Stantonbury notice boards are on Redbridge and there is no notice board in Linford Wood.

Your Councillors

The Stantonbury and Linford Wood Councillors are Carol Northwood, Sandra Kennedy, Paul Baxter and Derek Northwood