Our Parish has many green spaces with an abundance of trees and bushes. Many of these spaces are close to properties, and the trees in particular may cause concerns for those who occupy them.

How do I find out if I’m the legal owner of a tree?

  • If you’re a tenant, your landlord should be able to give you this information.
  • If you’re a homeowner, your property deeds should show if the land the tree is standing on is legally yours.

I don’t own the land the tree is on. How do I find out who is responsible for its maintenance?

Trees which are not privately owned in Milton Keynes are usually maintained by one of two organisations, either Milton Keynes City Council or The Parks Trust.

To find out which of these organisations maintains the tree, you may follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Milton Keynes City Council website:
  2. Type My Mapping into the Search box and click on the magnifying glass.
  3. Click on My Milton Keynes Interactive Mapping
  4. Click on Use the interactive mapping system
  5. Type the postcode of the tree’s location into the Search for a location box
  6. Select the required address from the dropdown list that appears
  7. Click on the + symbol beside Land Ownership in the list on the left side of the page
  8. Click on the tick boxes for either MKCC Ownership Land Registry or Land Maintained by the Parks Trust in the list of subheadings that appears.
  9. Land owned by either of these organisations will be highlighted in green. If there is no highlight, the land is privately owned.

I know who is responsible for maintaining the tree. What should I do next?

Milton Keynes City Council

If MKCC  is responsible for maintaining the tree, please read their Operational Tree Policy

You may report an issue with a tree by using the Parks, Open Spaces, Play Areas, Hedges, Shrubs, Grass and Trees form on the MKCC website.

Alternatively, you may call Milton Keynes City Council Customer Service on 01908 691691.

The Parks Trust

If The Parks Trust is responsible for maintaining the tree, please read their webpage about the regular tree inspections they undertake.

You may report an issue with a tree by:

  • Post: The Parks Trust, Campbell Park Pavilion, 1300 Silbury Boulevard, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, MK9 4AD
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01908 233600