Planning Information

Planning Information

Planning and licence applications.

Milton Keynes Council forward the planning and licence applications for Residential and Commercial Buildings within our Parish, this gives the Councillors time to look through the application and discuss if need be.

We have details below of some applications which we feel most residents would want to know about, however if there are any application details that are not below and you wish to view please click on the link below.

Application No Date Rec’d Description and Address Closing date
24/01104/CLUE 24/05/2024 Certificate of lawfulness to confirm the commencement of permission 17/01144/FUL
(Erection of detached four bedroom house with integral garage)
At: Land Adjacent To 64 Bradwell Road Bradville Milton Keynes


– If you wish to view any application in full, object or leave a comment you can also click on the link below.

– If you want more information how the planning process works, please click The Planning Process.

– To report a Planning Breach please click the following link: Planning Enforcement Enquiry

Rowle Close Garages

The Neighbourhood Plan addresses the Rowle garage site in SNP17. The Parish Council have met with the owner/developer who proposes demolition of the garages and construction of a small estate of two storey detached and semi-detached houses including a vastly improved parking solution which should address all the current parking issues.

The development is delayed whilst the developer negotiates ending the lease agreement with a few owners of the remaining garages. No planning application has been made.

As part of the Parish Council initiative to rid the Parish of crime, a series of mobile cameras are now being used in conjunction with the Police and MKC Housing to spot fly tippers and other criminal activity. Arrests have already been made and Rowle Close garages are one of our target areas.