Bradwell Road Allotments

Our Allotments

Our allotments are located on Bradwell Road, Bradville. We have 70 plots ranging in size, from half plots perfect first timers or those who want to grow just enough for themselves, through to large plots that keep our tenants fully occupied. 


We currently have closed the waiting list for the Allotment as there is over 40 people already on the list.

Allotment Meetings

Allotment Meetings are held three times a year and are open to the public. There are 15 minutes at the beginning of every meeting for members of the public to speak. The meeting will then be conducted by the Councillors, following the public agenda. If you require more specific information, please refer to the Allotment Meeting Minutes. For our future meeting dates, please refer to the events calendar.

Bradville Allotment Tenants (BATs)

We work with a tenants organisation called Bradville Allotment Tenants (BATs). This organisation serves as a community for those who hold an allotment. New tenants will be given a leaflet with contact details and more information when they join.