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Fly Tipping: We’re on the Case

Beware fly tippers, we are watching you. Incorrect disposal of waste is fly tipping and an offence that could result in a fine of up to £50,000 or 5 years imprisonment, or a Fixed Penalty Notice of £250. Recently, Milton Keynes Council caught a local man red handed who has now been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds. Thank you Milton Keynes Council!
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4 thoughts on “Fly Tipping: We’re on the Case

  1. Once again someone has been fly tipping on the redway/wood at the end of the passageway from Shipton hill @ Bishopstone. There is a dumped shed and fence on the grass area. A sheet of Lino & an internal door by the redway. Who ever keeps doing this is a disgrace to our community. Most of us in this area take great pride in trying to keep the public areas tidy and having to walk pass this mess on a daily basis is most distressing and upsetting. I know there is a fine for anyone fly tipping but this is impossible to know who is doing this unless caught in the act. Therefore can the parish council please please put a warning sign on the lamppost along this stretch of redway warning people about the penalties for dumping rubbish. Hopefully this might deter people from tipping all their household waste there constantly for everybody to have to look at. This would save the taxpayers money and the councils time having to come out each time to remove this Eyesaw. In the meantime please can you arrange for these items to be removed.

    1. Hello, thank you for contacting the Parish, I will speak to our Enforcement Officer Dave and ask him to come over and take a look and arrange with Milton Keynes Council to collect the dumped rubbish. With regards to the signs we don’t currently do this, but I will put the suggestion forward to the councillors to discuss and come back to you. In the meantime you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      1. Avatar for Council Administrator

        Council Administrator

        Hello, I just wanted to let you know our enforcement officer has attended and the rubbish has been removed.

        Thank you.

      2. Hello, just wanted to let you know we have sent your request for the signs to Milton Keynes Council.

        Thank you

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