Examination March 2019

Following the publicity period on the submitted Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan, Milton Keynes Council has appointed Nigel McGurk  to conduct an examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The examiner’s main role is to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and is able to proceed to Referendum.

More information regarding the Examination can be found here:

Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan Examiner’s Report Final June 19_

MKC response to Examiner’s Fact Checking Report


Submission Plan

The final version of the Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Milton Keynes Council, which ends the phase of development for Stantonbury Parish Council.

Milton Keynes Council have formally published the Plan, all parishioners now have the opportunity for a period of 6 weeks to comment on the Plan. Please see below correspondence from Milton Keynes Council.

Neighbourhood Plan – Submission and Publication

The final Plan and submission documents can be found here :

Addendum A Local Green Space Designation Assessments

Addendum B. Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan Policy Map

SNP Basic Conditions Statement December 2018

SNP Consultation Statement Appendices

SNP Consultation Statement December 2018

Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031 Submission Plan


2nd Draft Plan

The consultation on the 2nd Draft Stantonbury Neighbourhood Plan, including the further consultation on Oakridge Park has now closed.

To view the comments and responses please click the link below:

2nd Draft Plan Consultation Responses

To view the Plan please click the link below:

2nd Draft Neighbourhood Plan June 18

Please send all comments by email to info@stantonburyparishcouncil.org.uk

1st Draft Plan

Thank you all who responded to the 1st Draft Plan Consultation, the comments and responses can now be viewed:

Draft Plan consultation response document

SPC Neighbourhood Plan-Draft Plan Feb 18

Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results

Neighbourhood Plan Stage 2 Survey Results

Neighbourhood Plan Stage 1 Results

Guide to the Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Vision

Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

Neighbourhood Plan Vision

A projected timetable for the Neighbourhood Plan process is here.