Car Club consultation

Milton Keynes Council is partnering with Enterprise to provide a Car Club in the Milton Keynes area. The Car Club will be available to residents, businesses and visitors. The Car Club will provide access to cars or vans and offer transport choice to households, individuals or businesses who need access to a car on occasion. Please click on the links for further details and to take part in the consultation.

Car Club consultation (

Update on resident concerns on the Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan was finalised in 2019 and after independent review was adopted by Milton Keynes Council and issued for referendum in May 2020. Obviously, this was postponed. The principals of the plan apply for 10 years from the date of the referendum. These principals relate to local planning requirements which may or may not be applied depending on availability of funding. This is the premise of a long-term plan and allows for the fluctuation in finance for some of the proposals.

The basis of consultation is not wrong. The Plan has to knit with the National Planning Policy Framework and Milton Keynes Council MK50 planning requirements. These have not changed as a consequence of the pandemic and therefore the development and conditions of the Neighbourhood Plan still apply.

The legislation introduced in November has allowed the requirements of the Neighbourhood plan to be applied as though adopted by referendum and the Parish Council has been diligent in making sure this has been done with respect to planning applications.

Kind Regards

Graham A Davison

Chairman Stantonbury Parish Council

Electric Scooters Wheel out in Milton Keynes


A new national e-scooter scheme was launched in MK earlier this week. The Department for Transport gave MK Council the green light earlier this year to trial the scheme as an alternative to short car journeys across the borough.

Around 300 e-scooters are now available – anyone can try one out provided they’re aged at least 18 and hold a provisional driver’s licence. They can be used on MK’s 250km of Redways, as well as on minor estate roads (30mph limit or less). A system is currently being developed that ‘geofences’ the e-scooters and stops them from being used on area where they are not permitted and roads where the speed limit is over 30mph.

Nationally, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s travel habits, with more people walking or cycling and some cycle-to-work schemes reporting a 200% increase.  MK Council will be encouraging more people to keep up with greener ways to travel to make MK healthier for everyone who lives here.  As well as e-scooters this means bike share schemes as well as walking, cycling and public transport.

For more details please click on link , if you have any questions or concerns please contact,

Cllr Lauren Townsend –

Labour Councillor for Bletchley West Ward on MKC

Cabinet Member for Community Safety


Healthwatch Milton Keynes


The One BLMK CCG Public Survey is now live.

From 1 April 2021, Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes CCGs are planning to become one single NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in line with NHS England’s Long Term Plan.

This will have an impact on how we operate as commissioners, (commissioning is the process by which health and care services are planned, purchased and monitored) and how we work together in the future.

Over the next few months, we will be engaging with GP Members, our staff, local service providers, councils, other partners and our patients to listen to your views before we submit our final application in September 2020.

questionnaire is now live and is open until Sunday 13 September.

Please read the Public Engagement Document that accompanies this questionnaire. This explains what we are proposing, and why.

We really value your comments, so once you have read the Public Engagement Document please let us know your views by completing the survey.

If you would like more information on the proposed changes, please email:


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