The Neighbourhood Plan was finalised in 2019 and after independent review was adopted by Milton Keynes Council and issued for referendum in May 2020. Obviously, this was postponed. The principals of the plan apply for 10 years from the date of the referendum. These principals relate to local planning requirements which may or may not be applied depending on availability of funding. This is the premise of a long-term plan and allows for the fluctuation in finance for some of the proposals.

The basis of consultation is not wrong. The Plan has to knit with the National Planning Policy Framework and Milton Keynes Council MK50 planning requirements. These have not changed as a consequence of the pandemic and therefore the development and conditions of the Neighbourhood Plan still apply.

The legislation introduced in November has allowed the requirements of the Neighbourhood plan to be applied as though adopted by referendum and the Parish Council has been diligent in making sure this has been done with respect to planning applications.

Kind Regards

Graham A Davison

Chairman Stantonbury Parish Council

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