Don’t put any nappies in your recycling.

MK Council Environment and Waste team has joined forces with environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and other local authorities across the country to launch a new campaign aimed at stopping the millions of disposable nappies that are contaminating recycling. The campaign comes after a new survey revealed that seven per cent of nappy users – parents, grandparents and carers – wrongly put their disposable nappies in with their recycling, which equates to more than one million people. The campaign is fronted by ‘Ted’ and will be appearing on billboards around the country and on our social media to drive the message home.

Donation of laptops for the Parish Schools

Donation of laptops for the Parish Schools
The Motorists Insurance Bureau (MIB), located in Linford Wood have donated 73 Laptops and these will be distributed to various schools, secondary, middle, primary and preschools throughout the Parish on Wednesday 3rd March 2021. A huge thank you to everyone at MIB for their support in providing these laptops as well as checking and cleaning down each laptop ready for use.

Voting in local elections for those self-isolating with coronavirus

New measures to allow proxy voting in local elections for those self-isolating with coronavirus

Individuals who need to self-isolate because of coronavirus will still be able to vote in the local elections through new emergency proxy voting measures. We recognise that those who wish to vote in person may have those intentions disrupted by the pandemic. The government is amending secondary legislation to further support proxy voting for people affected by coronavirus close to the polls. In particular, these changes will allow those self-isolating as a result of coronavirus exposure, testing or symptoms to apply for a proxy vote in the days leading up to polling day and until 5pm on the day itself, without having to find someone to attest their application. This will also be available to those who test positive for the virus, on the same basis. If a person already has a proxy appointed to vote for them, but the proxy is then affected by COVID-19, there will also be the ability to make an alternative proxy arrangement. It remains vital that those who need to self-isolate continue to do so. For more information click on the link May 2021 polls delivery plan – GOV.UK (

Bus Services are changing – Route number 18


Bus Services are changing 

In our February E-newsletter we reported that as from 01/04/2021 some fixed route bus services will change to a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) Service.
We have been advised that bus route number 18 is being cancelled and changing to the DRT Service. The Council have arranged a meeting with MK Council to discuss this.  We would like to hear how residents feel about this, and would appreciate your feedback/concerns by 16:00pm on Friday 5th March so that we can take these concerns to the meeting. Send email to or give us a ring on 01908 227201.

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