Parish Council Annual Budgets

Parish Council Annual Budgets

The preparation of an annual budget is one of the key statutory tasks undertaken by the Council. The budget results in the Council setting the precept for the year, gives the clerk and other officers overall authority to make spending commitments in line with decisions of the Council, and enables progress monitoring during the year by comparing actual spending against planned spending.

The process of creating the budget involves

  • Review of current year budget and spending
  • Determining the cost of spending plans
  • Assessing levels of anticipated income
  • Providing for contingencies and the need for reserves
  • Approval of the budget
  • Setting the precept

Please find below the Annual Budgets for the last six years:

Annual Budget 2023-2024

Annual Budget 2022-2023

Annual Budget 2021-2022

Annual Budget 2020-2021

Annual Budget 2019-2020

Annual Budget 2018-2019